Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

My take on the day without Immigrants

Wow. It didn't affect me at all. Just goes to show we don't need 'em!

Well actually, I have no problem with legal immigrants, that's what this country is all about, damnit. I have a problem with the illegals bitching, whining and moaning that they don't have the same rights as every other american. JEE I WONDER WHY?!?!

Here's the situation as I see it. If you're doing something illegal, and you get caught, you get punished! Why are you illegal? Well you're stealing jobs from legal citizens, you're stealing money from the Gubment by not paying taxes, you're taking advantage of our benetifs (such as welfare, using birth of your kids to stay in America etc), and you're THE most RUDE and FUCKING ANNOYING people I've EVER had to deal with.


"No taxation without representation?" Last I checked you fuckers weren't paying taxes. Yet I do. So my say counts.

IMHO, and I don't really care what anyone else thinks, Illegals should be treated just like that, illegals. If they don't make a big, damn stink about it, they can prolly get away with it, and I prolly wouldn't care about it. MARCHING FOR RIGHTS? What are you, INSANE? You HAVE no rights, YOU'RE FUCKING ILLEGAL! Be glad the government isn't rounding all you guys up and throwing you in the ocean now!

However, I do believe that the legalization process to become a US Citizen is WAY too hard. I think it's STUPID that people from Mexico (Our neighbor to the south) can waltz up here, demand fucking rights, but people from Canada (Our neighbor to the north) cannot waltz down here and get anything! WHY? Because the Canadians aren't trying to fuck the system! But in any case, I think people who WANT to be citizens should be able to become citizens way easier than the current system allows. You shouldn't have to pay thousands of fucking dollars to hire lawyers 'n' shit like that to be citizens. You SHOULD have to take classes, especially LEARNING ENGLISH to be a citizen. And then you should go on your merry way, getting screwed by the government like the rest of us legal citizens, instead of trying to weasel around it and demand shit from it.

Just my 2 cents.

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