Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Thoughts about SecondLife

I think I'm going to start selling modifiable prim avs. I do want for people to have the ability to customize as they see fit, but the prim avs are... well they're very dependant on how they're set up. Any little change or whatever could cause massive headaches, for the owner of the av, and for me.

If I do this, I already know I need to write up a very lengthy disclaimer about "messing up the avatar" and "Please don't contact me for help" because I already know I will get a flood of IMs from people who accidentally moved something and SL's undo won't work. The heads of those avs are EXTREMELY complex, to the point that *I* have a very difficult time modifying them. I just fear the hell of someone fucking it up and then getting in my face about it.

At the same time, it sounds .. really bad if I don't help them because they are buying my avs. I do have a group that I'm setting up for help with WereHouse avatars. So maybe 'the group' can help people whereas ... I really do suck at the customer service thing. (Hey, I'm an artist, not a business owner. And this isn't a real business anyway!)

So I guess in a way I'm asking you guys (You SLers mostly) what you think of this. Should I leave them as mod/copy? I was thinking mod/trans only. Then if they screw something up they can toss it to a friend who can maybe fix it for them. Or they could give the parts back to me and I'll give them a replacement.

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