Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Taking a break for lunch...

As I sit on SecondLife, watching the world go by me. Well actually no, I'm alone in my buildbox as I eat lunch.

We finally finished our first set of quadruped feline avatars, TIGGEHS!

More pics of them here: http://secondlife.drakkolupen.com/gallery/categories.php?cat_id=90
I'm a little disappointed at how disproportional they are for cats. That's as close to a cat as I Could manipulate the human avatar. If we could just make the avatars longer with shorter limbs, it would be perfect. Hopefully when we make full prim versions of the avatars, they'll look more realistic.

So right now I"m working on updating all our feline anthro avatars, and then turning them into Critters! Avatars (That's the branding for the quadrupeds). Should have them all done by Monday (Hopefully).

And just as a teaser, so you guys will know what's next on the to do list...


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