July 27th, 2002


What a Fuss.

I can't believe all this bullshit has come about because I left a certain place. Whoop te la people. Get over yourselves. The more you go off trying to make others look bad, the worse you make it for yourselves. You realise BECAUSE of the verbal bullshit escaping your lips, you've made Therian.Net MORE popular? Good job.

Now, first, get your facts straight people, you really sound like ignorant idiots when you go off half cocked, ranting on in bandwagon bliss. I did not make Therian.Net. I did not HELP Therian.Net. I did nothing, I sat on my fat ass and watched Rish do everything. I did not come up with the slogan for Therian.Net. I did not help make Therian.Net to compete with the nameless other server. I LEFT and decided to hang out with my FRIENDS on Therian.Net. If you don't like it, if you are "hurt" by it, my heart BLEEDS for you, it really does. Idiots.

Keep digging deeper guys, the more you spew the more we laugh. Keep entertaining the masses with your ignorant dribble. Continue to prove how immature you really are. Continue on, but when you dig your own graves, don't dare blame me. I'm tired of being your scapegoat for your personal failures.

I tried to leave silently. My opinions clashed with yours, I didn't want to stop the "flow", so I left. Get over it. I told you I was leaving... I didn't lie. I didn't have time... as the gracious owner pointed out to me HIMSELF. I didn't have the time that HE needed me to give, how much time I actually had was nil. He wanted me gone, plain and simple, and he didn't give a rat's ass that I was gone until he found out I had an O:line on another server. Get over it. Your server isn't failing, it's not doomed to fall, just like you told me how often when I warned you the users were complaining en mass. You have nothing to fear from us. Stop showing it, makes you look weak and pathetic.
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