October 17th, 2003


Bow left this morning

I swear I was having panic attacks for the first time ever. The airport scared me, the weird people that looked at the car like it was a bomb scared me, and the construction at the friggin' airport scared me. I think the worst part was trying to drive the caprice (full size boat of a wagon which I'm not used to driving) between the construction barrels and the barrier. I swear there was hardly enough room for me to fit, but somehow I managed. I got home and talked to Bow on the phone until it was time for him to board his flight. I was awake for the rest of the day, laying in bed, despite the fact I /needed/ to sleep to run his 12hr route tonite. All I could think of was getting up to find out one of his planes crashed. One of my uncles died in a plane crash when I was 12, and ever since then I've been scared to death of planes. I've never even been on one, cars all the way. And it didn't help either that Bow was on an ancient Turboprop for 2 hours. That's what my uncle was in when he was killed.

I think the worst thing of all was waking up to see an airplane on the front page of CNN.com.
But thankfully it has nothing to do with Bow's flight. I talked to him today and he's there and safe and all that.

Now I'm just trying to pass the time while I wait to leave for Bow's route. 12 hours of driving literally across the state. I'm afraid of falling asleep. The droning of the engine typically puts me to sleep when I'm in a car for hours on end. Luckily Uath will be with me. Maybe we can actually come up with something for the Kaerwyn RPG (The video game thing).

I can't wait til this weekend is over and my Bow is safely back home wiff me. <:{
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