May 21st, 2004


Wow. I almost got ran over.

You know, this is the 3rd high speed chase that I've witnessed... this is the first high speed chase where I PARTICIPATED :P. If this chase ever makes it onto one of those TV shows, you'll see me in the cop's cameras.


Cuz I was walking Bobo when the car came crashing through the back gate, and up the road at us. Bow was yelling at me "GET OUT OF THERE" and I was wondering what all the sirens 'n' shit was about. My first instinct of course was to grab Bobo and run. But my top half was faster than my lower half and I ended up taking a dive into the pavement. Bobo yelped so I'm kinda worried about him. He was bleeded at one of his claws. I'm not sure what he did, but it's not hurting him too bad, so I'm not so worried about it yet. I cleaned it up and then looked over my wounds. Thankfully I came out of it with only a few scrapes.

Lookie, I took pics!

Naturally I landed on my right wrist. I'll prolly be sore tomorrow. Thankfully I didn't break anything. I also scraped the pavement with both knees (which just healed from the last dive I took on the pavement :P) and my left hand.

So the guy comes charging up the road and to the front of the apartments. The idiot realizes that the community is in fact, gated, and the gates up front are the large metal ones, not the little wooden kind like he busted through. So he turns around, goes behind the first set of apartments and finds out he's trapped. So he goes OFFROAD. I'll take pics of that tomorrow. He drives between two of the apartment buildings. I dunno how the hell he got that little honda up that muddy hill, but he did, then he tore ass through the parking lot again, and was summarily surrounded by at least 15 police cars.

I took pics about 40 minutes after the fact, after I checked Bobo, my laptop, and cleaned the dirt off my scrapes. This one came out the best, and I circled the honda that tried to run my ass down. I hope he goes to jail for a long, long time.

That is all.
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Well I'm feeling fine.

Not sore at all, thankfully. My leg is a little swollen, but nothing I won't get over quick. I bruise way too easily.

I was surprised that the chase wasn't in the news or anything. I guess if it happened during the day, when people were awake, that they would have. Oh well.

I took those pics of the yard where the guy drove between two apartments. You can see them here:
and here

It looks a lot messier than what the camera picked up. There's mud everywhere up there. Oh well, another day, another car dodged :P
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