June 11th, 2004


The WolfyGirl Pic

Just thought I'd post a rundown of the work I've done on it so far.

The face alone took 6hours. The neck took well over 4, as I didn't like the way it looked the first time around and I started over. I still need to work on the head and neck together, as she doesn't look real 'natural' as she is.

The upper arms took about 2 hours each, the lower arms took an hour each. The hands took about 2 hours each so far. All of them still need work.

The tail took 2 hours and it's not finished yet. The hair took 2 hours.

I still have to do the legs, and the touchup work on the rest of the body. Then I need to decide what clothes she's going to be wearing. It'll be something modern as you don't see many werewolves in tank tops and jean shorts anymore. But I think I might actually put some design on the shirt. Any suggestions? Color suggestions too? Also it's going to need a BG. I'm thinking of either something to my May picture, or the July picture. Leaning towards July right now.

Here's the pic thus far, it will update as I work on it, so you can watch it if you want and hit reload for a couple of days as I work on it.

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Teh Cute!

bear cub
You're a Polar Bear cub!
You're just learning how to be a ferocious beast,
and you love it! You like to fish and follow
your mommy around. It also makes you happy when
you see mommy tear some evil human up who
blinked in your direction.

What Random Animal are you?
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Yoinked from swandog

A - accent: Very very southern. Infact, for those of you that read BT's, I have Lore accent.
B - breast size: 34B. Yeah I know, they don't really classify as "breasts"
C - chore you hate: Vaccuming.
D - dad's name: Kelly
E - essential make up item: Guh, I don't wear makeup, wtf. Deoderant then!
F - favorite perfume/oil scent: Allergic to most man-made scents. Can't STAND perfume.
G - gold or silver: Gold.
H - hometown: Greensboro, NC
I - insomnia?: Only when I'm sick
J - job title: Freelance Artist, aka Bum.
K - kids: Three doggies: Midnite, Bobo and Trakker.
L - living arrangements: Two bedroom apartment that we're renting.
M - mom's birthplace: Greensboro, NC
N - number of people you've fallen in love with: 2. First one decided to beat on me and sleep around. Now I'm with Bowtie :D
O - overnight hospital stays: Never *knock on wood*
P - phobia: Uh... going around curves, at night, at a high rate of speed. Got that one from the wreck of the firebird.
Q - quote you like: "I'd rather be a could-be if I cannot be an are; because a could-be is a maybe who is reaching for a star. I'd rather be a has-been than a might-have-been, by far; for a might have-been has never been, but a has was once an are."
-Milton Berle
R - religious affiliation: Fatalist
S - siblings: One older brother.
T - time you wake up: Somewhere around 3pm
U - unnatural hair colors you've worn: I colored my hair a very unnatural purplish auburn once. I thought it was pretty.
V - vegetable you refuse to eat: Brussel Sprouts
W - worst habit: I'm real some kinda lazy. I also have a tendancy to fly off at the handle. I can only take so much before my temper EXPLODES.
X - x-rays you've had: Teeth and Neck
Y - yummy foods you make: Chicken Marsala, Chicken Fettucini, Grilled Steak, the infamous pinky burgers, Fake Steak with Gravy and Potatoes, Divan style chicken... yeah I like to cook.
Z - zodiac sign: Cancer... a disease.
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