June 16th, 2004



I was recently shown this article, and the funny thing is, Asheboro isn't that far from here. In any case, it's definitely weird, assuming it's not faked. I've looked at the pic a few times in PS and while there are two spots that look like the photo might be edited, I don't think it was.


The red on the stomach makes me think it was injured or might have mange. It is not at all a red fox. All red foxes have white tipped tails, period. It looks very similar to a grey fox, but I can't see if it has the characteristic skull bump (Sorry, can't remember the scientific term for it) between the eyes.

I've compared it with pictures of real grey foxes and proportionally, it's similar, but the legs aren't stocky enough, they look too long, and the ears are too large and longer than a grey fox. Yes I'm taking into account that this could be a grey that lost it's fur. I've also considered that this fox was the product of a local prank where it was shaved. That wouldn't surprise me one bit. But apparently the guy says he's seen the animal since Christmas, so that kinda throws the 'shaved' part out the window.

Oh well. I kinda hope they catch it to find out for sure.
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