June 30th, 2004


The Attributes of GOD

I have spent the whole day rewriting the Kaerwyn GOD test. What is this test you ask? It's a General Omnipotence Denominator. That is to say it's a quantitative analysis of a character's attributes for a FFRP format. In other words, no matter what you make up for your character, they're all rated on the GOD test so the mods can see if you're a twink or not.

Well the old test was originally written as a joke, kinda like the "You might be a powergamer if..." But we've found that it's a valueable tool in comparing characters from all kinds of times, dimensions, worlds, with abilities from immortality to TK, generic shapeshifting and well, whatever these people can think of! See our RPing doesn't have stats and shit you have to follow in Form based RP (Like D&D and Whitewolf games). The characters for Kaerwyn are created entirely by the player (Unless they -want- to use a system based character). It's hard for us to say weather or not the 15ft Garou is a twink compared to the 3 inch tall pixie with the magical assortment from hell.

So anyway I'm redoing the GOD test and I've spent the last 7 hours working on the thing and I'm not even halfway done. It needs to be rewritten because the old test is rather vague and confusing. Like it said, it was made as a joke. The new test will be set up more like if you're trying to find the value of your car. You list the make, model, age and mileage, and then you start selecting the options. Through math, it determines your score. Same with the test. You put in your race, age, experiences and attributes, skills, blah blah blah and it'll report back to you a score. It's in that score that tells you if your character is well rounded and a good Kaerwyn character.

Well enough rambling, I need to continue on with this test...
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