August 20th, 2004


Anyone Remember Dreamshift?

Well... it's successor will soon be open to the public. Mwaha. You will have to pay for it, but it's not much. That's all I say for now. It's not using the old client or software but I'll be using my old pics from it. It's not an a1000 either.

More info later. Interested?
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The Graphical Chat

Just to answer the question of "When". It should be open this weekend, BUT here's the thing. It's VERY confusing, so ShadowsMyst and I are going to have to write up some information on how to work the damn thing so you guys can connect without one of us walking you through it. It's very complicated. After you're on it for a while though, it's not so bad.

If you want to start making avatars for it, it accepts only jpgs and pngs (You can make pngs transparent) and they can only be 132x132 or so, I have mine at 128 and they fit, I don't know the exact dimensions. You're unlimited in how many avatars you can have (Supposedly).

I have to do those websites for work, so I can't do any writeups now. If any of you have HAVE tested it can write up some info for me, it would help speed this along.

After that I need to set up the avatars from DS. This means I have to convert all of them to pngs, or I might just post 'em up as gifs and let you guys make them pngs when you edit their colors. I dunno. If I let you guys convert them, we can open it faster.

Just to note, this chat is going to have at least 4 sections: Dreamshift, Kaerwyn RP, Black Tapestires RP and Shifters RP (Maybe shifter's chat, I don't exactly know what SM has in mind for her comic fans).

That's all for now.
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