August 31st, 2004


Sketchy Sketchy

This weekend I hit the mall and got some new art books. Since I'm a self taught artist, the books are my only real 'classes'. In any case, I found a couple of books that I saw would be helpful and showed some tricks I was interested in learning.

The first book is another one of those 'how to draw comic' books. I like these because they show semi-realistic looking drawings, easier to learn anatomy, but at the same time exaggeration that many times still gives the characters a 'real' quality. I like this exaggeration, and in particular I like this guy's style. He shows a lot of emotion in even his doodles for the book. I always try to pour emotion into my work. So, after reading some of the sections on this book, I decided to try redrawing Captain Tessemer using his methods.

This was the first sketch. It probably came out the best. It's just your standard 3/4 headshot.

Second Sketch, this is Tess with his fiance` Jennifer. He looks kinda scary. He also looks more like Jennifer's father than fiance`. Oh well.

So I thought I'd try to make him smile. HAHA, no no, I turned him into a psychotic looking professor. God. He's like Lore, if he's not frowning or looking pissed, then he's smirking. Jennifer looks more like a gypsy hooker here.

So I try again to make him smile. Yay. Not bad at all. I likes.

The other book I got was about painting wildlife. It's a very cool book, but I haven't had the chance to try anything with it yet. I'm hoping to apply it to RL painting as well as digital. Afterall the methods I use in my digital paintings are very very similar to realistic painting styles. Now if I could just find the time to paint....
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