September 4th, 2004


A "Bad Ass" Werewolf

I've X-posted this is a few journals, so I hope yall don't mind :) Anyway, we were sitting on the Realmscape chat ( talking about the site looked kinda 'blah' and it was suggested we should put up some 'guardians' that are "Bad ass".

Right. So I started working on some, which I think would be pretty cool rotating on the main page of the chat. This is the first one, a "bad ass" werewolf.

Now I'm VERY temped to draw a bad -Ass-.
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Bad Ass?

Well you asked, so...

I'll prolly color him up just like the wolf. I wonder if I can start a wereass trend with something like that, ha. He's got a lot of anatomical/proportional problems. Infact he's the biggest/most muscular thing I've -ever- attempted to draw. I need to study chrissawyer's art cuz he's got the muscular lineart -down-.

Yeah anyway. I wouldn't wanna mess with him. Think I'll draw a wolverine next.
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