September 12th, 2004



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A flipfloppable subjectwar on terror
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Your total funding$7,301,944
Your chance of success: 34%
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Well, I know I declared Fridays as my official me-art day, other than working on work, comics, other stuff, and commissions. Unfortunately I've been getting so much work (Almost part time hours) that I haven't had any time to work on anything for myself. When that happens I get burned out bad, and I NEED to work on something. I tried to work on the Mates painting, but that wasn't enough. I've put so much effort into that painting that it seemed like just another chore. No, I needed to work on something new this time. All day yesterday I tinkered with the following pic. I've redrawn it about 15 times, from big things like body positioning down to the fingers and the position of the foot on the stirrup. I really like the way it's looking but I'm afraid there are more anatomical errors that I can't see from -staring- at it so long. Is there anything glaring? More info below the pic

For info's sake, Lorelei is the fox girl and Dakotah is her horse. Lorelei is pretty well built, and I don't want to not show her muscles just because that's not "feminine" in art circles. Bullshit, she's got muscles and they need to be shown. Lorelei has a sword, but it's not her main weapon, so she's not an expert at it. This should be evident in the way she holds it, herself, and the fact that she's trying to swipe at someone from horseback. She's rude, has a horrible temper, and tends to lash out before thinking. That's exactly what she's doing here. She's not trying to kill anyone with her strike, but more to knock them down so she can jump off Dakotah, throw down the sword, and beat them senseless. Some changes that need to be made: Show elbow higher up on the arm, work on the head.

Dakotah is a gypsy vanner style horse, so while he is of draft descent, he's pretty small comparitively. Vanners also have long fluffy hair, so his will be going everywhere. A lot of people that have seen the pic thinks his back legs should be changed. I don't think so. Dakotah is charging from a standstill, so he's literally taking his first leap forward. I used a reference pic of a vanner/drummer doing just that. I think it adds a bit of dynamics to it that the horse is jumping and not running. I think I need to lower his head a little and make it more vertical for more dynamics.

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