September 21st, 2004

WTF Ever


Well this weekend was pretty eventful. I went to the local Tiger Direct outlet store here to get a new hard drive (They're having a sale on Western Digital 120Gig drives). Well, I went for that one thing, and ended up spending $400 on a few other things >.<. I got the hard drive, but I also got a brand new Viewsonic 19" G90fb. Viewsonics are the shit, I've used them since 2000 and I'll NEVER use any other name for my monitors. I also got a new video card, and some other little things. Bow also hooked up some blue car LED's to the machine, and stuck them under my desk so they make my KB glow blue. It's awesome. I'll need to get some pics for it.

Anyway, Bow put WinXP on the new drive and that's what I'm using now. I really like XP, but it's vulnerabilities scare me a lot. Yesterday I caught 15 virii before I Could put up the anti-virus software. Scary man, scary. I think I got rid of them all after using three different virus scanners and lots of regediting :P.

I wanted to work on the mate's pic this weekend, but I didn't get the chance with all the program reinstalling and stuff like that. Joy of joys, yanno?
I'll be working on that shortly.

All for now!
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