September 23rd, 2004


Yep.... I'm at it again...

Work hasn't sent me anything this week so I've been artistically productive. Not only have I done two Crimson Fury's for my comic donators, but I've also been working on my personal pics. I really need to work on the mates pic, but I haven't really felt like it, and when I"m not in the mood stuff turns out horrible. Earlier today I finally uploaded some stuff to VCL, something I haven't done since February. Well, after looking through my gallery, I Found a pic I started last year but never finished because the hair was driving me crazy. Well, inspiration struck and I tried a new method for the hair, and it's actually starting to look pretty good. Except it's -really- hard to get Lore's hair color right in a realistic kind of setup (She's got golden colored hair, and I mean super saturated kind). It's part of the storyline for BT, eheh. Anyway, I'll have to work on making it gold with some yummeh fun color dodge action. (That's a PS joke for you guys who aren't PS nerds).

And as always, to show the steps, here we go:
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