December 11th, 2004



It's always the crappy pics that people love the most. What's up with that? I know people will probably slap me for saying my October pic was crappy, but that's just the way I felt after I rushed through it. But anyway, I mentioned this because somehow I magically got a Daily Deviation for it on DA. This is my first. Probably my last. I don't know how common it is, but my hits doubled and my comments did too. I dunno if I like that, but I think I'll just complain over here. It'd be great if more people ended up buying the calendar hehe.

Anyway here's the pic in question:


In other news, I'm almost done with Lore and Dakotah for the June picture. I don't have a preview right now, I might edit one in later though. Still hafta do the BG for that one, but it's going to be something stylized and letterboxed, unlike the others.
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