December 23rd, 2004



I am appalled by the complete lack and disregard of maturity I'm seeing from some of my "friends" lately. It is un-fucking-believable what some people will do. You put yourself on some holy podium preaching of the way things "Should be" all the while making a COMPLETE FUCKING HYPOCRITE of yourselves.

Why don't you guys look in the mirror before you start bitching about people? Why don't you actually act "Blunt and Honest" like you pretend you are? Blunt and honest is telling people what you think on the spot, not bitching about them behind their backs and giggling with your friends about how you pissed them off. Grow up.

If you can't tell the difference between a joke and a serious conversation, then you have no business being online, because you're going to get a whole lotta headaches when the massive confusion sets in. And if you are confused, don't sit there like an ignorant twat, ASK what people are talking about. That's what you say to do in your little rants right? Ask, form your own opinion? How about form your own opinion based on facts, not the ignorance and opinions of others.

You act like the politics are all 'cute' and 'funny' and continue to put yourself on the little podium of righteousness. We have a term for this folks, it's called immaturity. I guess it just goes to show that no matter what your impressions of people, they -will- act their age, or worse.

And yes, please, lock your journals so no one but your little circle of friends can see your comments. That's always the mature thing to do. It's also called the propagation of ignorance.

I'm seriously losing faith in people. Everyone wonders why I'm so jaded.

Notice I didn't use any names. Could be anyone, any number of people here... any number of people from many different groups. Did I get an emotional reaction? That's guilt. It's a lovely little thing that tries to keep people from doing stupid things, especially to each other. So instead of locking your little journals, going to your little chat rooms, and giggling behind peoples' backs, maybe you should step forward and stop being the people you're bitching about.
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February 2005

Just a few more to go and I'm done. But I best get these done before New Years. For this one, I'm going back to the old style of shading. It doesn't look as good as my paintings, but it should work for the calendar and posters.

So first, the sketch:

And then the flats:
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Just got word..

From home that one of the dachshunds I grew up with has passed on. Steffi was born on September 18, 1988. She's older than a lot of people I know online. The last time I saw her, she wasn't doing all that great. She could barely walk (arthritis), she couldn't hear or see very well. She still had her happy and bouncy attitude though. But it was just her time.

Rest in peace little girl.

And it's things like this that make internet politics seem so very, very stupid.
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