February 2nd, 2005


Mid-Week Report

1. Black Tapestries's normal updates.- Halfway Done (10 hours left)
2. At least two Kaerwyns. - Halfway Done (5 hours left)
3. A Crimson Fury - Script written (5 hours)
4. Design Art Torrent's site. - Looked at template design of gallery. Had heart attack. Looped lifestream brought me back to life.(5-10 hours)
5. Work with redesign templates Beat down gallery engine. (?? - but it will feel like millenia)
6. Work on all those commissions that people have been waiting far too patiently for. (With whatever time is left)
7. Visit Parents at beach on weekend.
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Feedback Needed!

http://www.arttorrent.com is a new public gallery site. They need input from artists, about what kind of gallery setup you like, and what you don't like about currently existing galleries. It's main goal is to help artists improve and give exposure to lesser known artists.

Check it out.
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