May 10th, 2005


Homosexuals 1, Conservative Christians 0

Why the score? Science shows that maybe homosexuality isn't a choice. *gasp* Who would have ever thought that!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- A compound taken from male sweat stimulates the brains of gay men and straight women but not heterosexual men, raising the possibility that homosexual brains are different, researchers in Sweden reported on Monday.
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More Gay Marriage Madness

People probably wonder why I'm going off on this subject so much. Really, I'm just commenting on what I'm seeing in the news that lights my fire. This is being talked about -a lot- and as someone that actually cares about the rights and welfare of others, it definitely pisses me off. For information's sake, I'm an asexual but straight female currently living in a heterosexual couple. That's right, I have a husband, but I don't have sex. There's dedication on bowtie's part.

Anyway, some people were out rallying our state government (NC) for Making sure this state never ends it's tradition of discrimination, illogic, and hatred based on religious interolance an amendment against gay marriage. We already have laws against gay marriage, but apparently the intolerance isn't strong enough and we're not showing enough hatred against our fellow man law isn't strong enough to stop challenges to the state's supreme court.

"We must preserve the sanctity of Marriage! We must preserve it for our children!"

Yes, but apparently they don't care if the mother and the father suddenly don't like each other anymore and force the child through the hellish lifestyle of "being between families".
If you want to preserve marriage, you stupid fucks, then you need to outlaw divorce. If you're really doing this for the children like you claim, you lying sons of bitches, then you'll make sure that the "one mother" and "one father" stay together FOR LIFE. But we all know you're not doing it "For the children". Anyone with any intelligence whatsoever, knows this is a last ditch effort to keep your religious intolerance in control. I don't know why you people are so psycho that you've replaced your brains with bibles. Wake up and smell the intolerance folks, the stench is unbearable.

"It's an abomination to God to have same-sex marriages. We believe marriage is something that God created for one man and one woman,"

God is also against shellfish. We must ban all shellfish! If you eat shellfish, you're in the same boat as buttfuckers! All Shellfish eaters are sinners and buttfuckers!

Ever want to go to a Red Lobster and kindly inform all those people that they're going to hell for that lovely lobster or shrimp scampi? Of course not, they -like- their shellfish. And when they LIKE something TO HELL WITH THE BIBLE! Who cares what the bible preaches when it comes to soft, succulent, tender and delicate meat surrounded by a rigid and hardened exterior!

"Families like ours are committed to one man and one woman," said Jeff Gorton, of Wake Forest. "This is one of the issues that's going to affect my children, grandchildren, in the future, and I want to make sure we can protect the marriages now and into the future."

Yes, you have to make sure that your kids know how to properly hate people! It's no longer acceptable to hate black people! Let's go after gays! Then later, when gays are accepted (which tends to happen when old fucks die off and their kids pull their heads out of their asses), their kids will choose something else to spread their Christian hatred against!

I have an idea. Let's get rid of all marriage! Let's be intolerant TO EVERYONE!

Anyone else noticed how the people against gay marriage sometimes think that they have equal rights in a civil union? Welcome to the ignorance of this nation. And for some reason, we let these people vote. Silly silly nation.


And now, some more news to chew on. Hospitals can get paid by the government for giving medical aid to illegal aliens. That's right folks! Illegal aliens get better healthcare than the citizens of this country. And want more to chew on? YOUR TAXES PAY FOR IT. And what do YOU get out of it? Well for one they've lowered the budget for medicaid. They've also lowered the budget for schools. They've lowered the budget for highway improvements. So really, what do you get out of it? Freedom in Iraq of course! Is it worth it?


The money has to come from somewhere folks, do you really believe they just magic it all up? It comes from your taxes, and the magic mystery fund that Bush seems to think we have in this country. We have to pay to rebuild Iraq. We have to pay for the people and equipment over there. Shock and surprize that Rumsfield has admitted that the military is out of funds. Our "Conservative" President has run us into the ground, and the most laughable thing of all - his approval rating has dropped significantly. What -were- you people thinking when you voted for him? Did you think his next four years in office would be a magic turn-around from his first four years? Didja think that he deserved another shot at getting us out of the hole, as opposed to digging it deeper. Do you REALLY believe that TAX BREAKS AND CREDITS would be APPROPRIATE when our COUNTRY IS RUNNING OUT OF MONEY. But apparently Bush and the idiots that voted for him think God has money trees lined up in red states paying for everything.

Here, let me help you people with pretty colors to understand something. Red state = red ink.

Think about that.
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