June 10th, 2005


I hate machines...

And they hate me to. Okay so the scanner croaked first. Not surprized, it's old, and I use it several times a day. The scanner itself died, not the software. It was a slow progression to it's final scan, but after spending 2 hours trying to scan BT, I'd say it was time to take it out back and shoot it.

So I got a new scanner for about $85.

Then, the computer, being the jealous bitch of a money whore that it is, saw that the scanner was sucking funds and decided it wanted to do so as well. I think both my RAM sticks are bad, I know at least one of them is. When I have nothing running on my machine, it sometimes says I'm using up the full 1gig of ram. So I tried virus scanning, spyware scanning, rebooting, defragging, blah. This too was a slow degredation, so it wasn't a "suddenly omg lol comp dead" thing. I wasn't surprized at all. It also has one of those talking Asus Mobos, so it kept saying "System failed memory check" or something to that extent. It's done that for a while but usually when you reboot it, it's fine. Not this time. Some of my programs won't run at all, such as winamp. Some other newly installed proggies aren't running either. Thank god Photoshop still runs, and Netscape (Sometimes). Netscape has been extremely crashy lately, I think I know why now.

So eidolways recommended OCZ RAM, and I found a nice pair of it for $295 on Newegg. IT's the dual channel stuff, 1gig sticks, so I'd have twice as much ram as I currently have. When I got up today to order the stuff, it magically dropped in price to $269. Wow, glad I didn't buy it last night. But that's awesome, and some of my lovely readers of BT gave me enough money to buy said RAM without putting a major dent in the already empty wallet. Thanks guys!

Unfortunately I'm going to have to limp this system along with what it has, so you might not see me on much in the next few days. I might actually work on stuff off the computer, eheh. But I wouldn't be able to scan it anyway :(. Gotta wait for that to come in too.

Anyway, since PS *IS* still running, I have some sites I need to design.

All for now.
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