July 18th, 2005



Not much going on. Finished two other avs this week - Badger and Wolverine. Both can be found in my store. I started working on a horse as well (Actually I worked on it months ago, but I pushed it aside for some reason). I'm thinking about making some housecats too since they aren't widely available. I'd like to stick with animals that would be somewhat popular, but aren't made by others. Get a nice bit of variety going. I also updated my furnation site so it looks better, and it's easier to browse the avatars. http://www.furnation.com/Jakkal

In other news, I got myself some running shoes, I'm going to try jogging around the block a couple of times a day. I'm starting to hit the age where the food goes in and stays with the body, and that's not kosher. So a joggin' I will go.

But just to thwart that, I got something I've been wanting for years - a cappacino machine. It's the cheapy little one that walmart sells. I hope it works okay. I love french vanilla cappucino. And the instant stuff is just awful.

All for now.
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Hostonce (Our "hosting" company) blew up their mysql server last night. We lost everything on every site that uses mysql. (Joy). They didn't make a backup, either, despite this being all their fault. So TO and Kaerwyn lost all their posts save for backups. Uath said he might switch to Vbulletin if "hostonce gives him a reason to". Now would be a good time since the forum database got hosed. I'm not sure when he took the last backup either. (Just as a reminder, I don't own TO, I just 'work there'. Uath does the main work to it).

This right here was why I was trying to get him the hell off hostonce back in March.
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I just saw a hummingbird at our feeder. We bought that damn thing in April and that was the first one I've ever seen. That makes the day better :D