November 6th, 2005


Well I'm back!

The week was uneventful, and even if we had internet, I wouldn't have had time to do anything. We still haven't unpacked all our crap. I lost my cellphone at some point, god only knows where it is now. Oh well, I never used it much anyway.

The house is great. I love having our own yard, away from everyone else. I got in the hottub once already, I think it might have been overfilled, I kept floating away from my seat. It's also nice having a lot of space.

Today we went to the beach to visit my parents and show them pics of the house. We had fun, though the service at the Outback Steakhouse sucked. Food was good at least. I was starving for real food after all the moving this week.

I got deathly ill on Saturday and Sunday of last week, thus proving that I am infact allergic to cleaning. Well actually, I think it was all the dust that we were kicking up with the vaccuum and cleaning stuff. It was pretty awful, I had to go to the walmart to pick up some cough syrup. At one point, I had a hard time just breathing because of it. I'm so glad that's over. This house has stone tile floors, so it'll be a lot easier for us to keep clean. I'll definitely be keeping this place cleaner than our previous places of living.

Oh and this week, I decided to do a painting while I was trapped offline. I know I should post this in my art journal, but whatafuck eh?


And the obligatory quiz:

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Peer Pressure

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