November 25th, 2005



I survived! This was the first time I had to make 'the meal' for my family, and it came out pretty well IMHO.

We were late getting everything started, despite that I got up early. My parents showed up just when I was buttering up the bird. My mom helped me make some stuff. Then we played Uno and I got my ass handed to me.

There were a few snags though, didn't come out entirely perfect. I burned my finger making the pumpkin pie, it hit one of the oven racks and left a dent in my finger, which is now a blister. It doesn't hurt too much though.

Then halfway into cooking the turkey, while we were masterbasting it, the rack it was sitting on fell down and the bird almost went with it. Lots of drippings poured out of the roasting pan and a huge plume of smoke poured into the kitchen.

Thankfully, I had just happened to put the second rack under the first, 'just incase'. I'm glad I did, because that second rack held the turkey up when the first one gave. We realized after the fact that the second one was bigger, and stronger than the first one. If I knew the racks were different, I would have put the turkey on the thicker one. Since this was just the second time I"ve used the oven, I wasn't aware of the rack sizes (all the other ovens we used have the same size racks).

But anyway, we opened all the windows, turned on a fan, and eventually the burnt smell went away. After that, the turkey was a gorgeous dark brown, and it was so tender that it was falling apart before we could cut it. The rest of the meal turned out absolutely perfect. My parents loved my custom created stuffing, and have vowed to return to my place every year for T-day.


But at least it was nice, and they love the new house. Score. My mom also brought her famous banana pudding, that I haven't had since I moved out. I love that stuff, and I've almost eaten all of it already.

I am going to be so fat by the time this food is all gone.