December 19th, 2005


Eventful Weekend

It started off Saturday with us going to a local chevy dealer to take a look at a truck, a 2004 Silverado SS with 14,000 miles, within our price range.

Well everything was okay, until they came out and told us they'd give us barely what we owe on our Silverado, (which is about $4k less than what they'd give us in July), and then they had the manager come out, drop the KBB printout infront of us and tell us they were giving us well over KBB.

Except the KBB sheet didn't have the truck listed as what it is, a 2001 Silverado LT Z71 loaded. No, the truck they showed on the printout was a fucking stripper version.
Despite the fact that we may look young and stupid, I happen to know that my truck has a 5.3L engine, NOT a 4.8L. In addition, our truck has 10,000 miles LESS than what they put in the sheet. They were also missing half the options that the truck has in it.

I came out and did the KBB myself, and they were off by $2k. Assholes.

But Bow and I really wanted that Silverado SS too. I told him I'd look for others, they're out there, and theirprices are falling like mad. No one wants them apparently, which is better for us.

So then we went to see the Narnia movie. It wasn't a complete waste of $20, but it wasn't as good as I was expecting it to be. The CGI wasn't that great, looks like it was made with mid-90's technology in some parts. I do hope between it, the LoTR, and Harry Potter that these movies serve as a gateway for more fantasy movies. Narnia and LoTR just aren't my kind of fantasy. I haven't see any of the HP movies, but I might check them out since they have, you know, real magic.

So Sunday, I finally went to Petsmart to buy the equipment we needed for our aquarium. I spent well over $300 and made sure I got the good stuff for the tank this time. So we got several bags of gravel, new lights, plants, rocks and hiding spots, heater, power filter, and the necessary chem stuff. We also got two air bubble things to put in it. It looks really really nice. I'll hafta take pics of it later.

Now we just need to let it cycle for a few days and we'll get fish for it when it's safe.