December 22nd, 2005


Okay so...

Remember that therian bitchfest I went on a few weeks back about the term suntherianthropy.

Well the fight is back, and now the guy is taking it as a personal attack.

Jee, maybe this is why we shouldn't allow people to make personal terms based on their personal therianthropy. Because when it comes to scrutiny, they take it to heart like they're being PERSONALLY attacked.

Sometimes I think I should just give up and let people have their way, let them do whatever they want. Let therianthropy get thrown to the dogs. Hur hur.

I'm really tired of fighting, I really am. And if labels are so special to people that they take any kind of criticism to heart, then let them have their precious labels. Infact, everyone, have a label.

I demand that all therians make their own kind of therianthropy and label it. Why stop at 5 terms or even 6! We could have 2000!+

I declare my type of therianthropy as bitchtherianthropy. It's a condition where I get infuriated over stupid therian posts that makes me m-shift waver slightly between my therian sides, of which you must have exactly 3 or more in a perfect isosceles triangular format. They must also be in alignment with the moons of vega in the ford galaxy.

You can't deny me making my own term! Because there might be someone else out there that experiences my type of therianthropy! Fuck the community, I'm working for myself from now on.