March 15th, 2006


The tally for this evening

Between the bitch on SL... I had to ban a user on TO for being a twit. AND I had to gline a troll from the IRC network. Got into some fights on TO.

It HAS to be the moon, it just HAS to be cuz goddamn. I haven't had to ban or gline anyone in AGES.

Welcome to Raleigh!
According to police, the officer driving the car was pulling out onto Six Forks Road when the steering wheel got stuck turning right. The car kept spinning around and then went down a drop off and crashed.

Right so... why didn't he oh, I don't know.. take his foot off the gas? Apply the brakes maybe? How about "This article makes no sense because it was the officer's fault and for some reason no one wanted to blame him".

Well it is a Ford, I suppose all those things could easily go wrong at once.

Well to amuse myself, I made this.


Hey you...

Yeah, you anons that like to read my journal so you can run back to your own little journals and bitch about me behind your secure little padlocked entries. (Because LJ security has to make up for your insecurity). I made a post for yooouuuu. bitchcraft

Have fun!