April 6th, 2006


Hey graveyardgreg...

Or anyone else that's used WebComicsNation...

How is it? Do you like their service? Do they go down a lot? Do their admins bitch at you when they constantly fuck up and you call them on it?

BT just got the j-crap ads back up, despite doing everything their backasswards admins keep telling us (Which isn't much mind you).
I think it's time for me to jump ship. I'm sick of dealing with it.

I'd rather pay the $10/month for a real host than stick with a free shit poor one. You get what you pay for.


Some days I wish I was more eloquent, and more knowledgable about science, so I can finally smack down these quacks that constantly spew bullshit, and constantly make people think they're right.

God I'm so sick of the stupid online.