April 11th, 2006


For anyone reading this that's good with taxes

I have to do the self employment tax from now on, which means I have to pay quarterly. I'm supposed to, I guess, figure out how much I'll make and then... do something and send in a check to the government. Then at the end of the year I pay or get a refund depending on how much I actually make and have to actually pay.

Something like that anyway.

I've done my taxes for 2005, and I have to pay that by the 17th. But I also have to pay for the first quarter of 2006 on the 17th. I've checked the IRS's site and stuff. Look guys, I totally suck at math, money and accounting. I cannot for the life of me figure this out. Can someone help me figure out how much I'm supposed to pay per quarter?

From what I found, I think the figure is: $755 + ((estimate yearly income - $7550) * 15%) = total taxes for the year.

Is that right? Cuz... holy mother of fuck, is that screwed up. I'm thinking about giving them $500 and hoping I don't have to pay much come April 2007.


After dealing with 'therian' last night, and having a meeting about the "Furry community/Administration" on SL, and reading the news, I had a grand idea. I saw this picture on WRAL: It's a picture of the defense attorneys discussing that incident with the rape, and the exotic dancer and the Duke Uni. Lacrosse team. They're infront of the Durham County Courthouse http://drakkolupen.com/funny/durhamcourt.jpg

Naturally, the whole affair has turned into a big dramafest, what with the NAACP getting involved, and all the other bullshit. When I originally looked at the image, I saw this:

So I made it so.