May 7th, 2006


Yet another reason why I fucking hate furries sometimes.

(Before I start, someone has pointed out that this is not the administrator of VCL. So don't think that Ch'marr of VCL had anything to do with this. I actually thought he was the same one, because 'chmarr walcott' on SL is some kind of spotted cat, and has the same name. That's even more pathetic).

More than anything, I LOATHE and DETEST the furry social norm where sexual anything is okay, tolerated, permitted, and allowed.

Furnation Community Group PM on SL:
chmarr Walcott: oi jakkal i wanna word wif ju
chmarr Walcott: jakkal
chmarr Walcott: you got the mauling animation
Jakkal Dingo: yeah, we don't sell that separate, that's a perk of the werewolf
chmarr Walcott: aaaww i want it........gimmie
LKG01A Duke: can i have a copy too please ???
Jakkal Dingo: sorry <:) Maybe we'll sell it in the future, but right now the werewolves are the only ones that have it
LKG01A Duke: awwww... :'(
chmarr Walcott: i'll give ya 20 bucks for it : (
LKG01A Duke: *is willing to pay for a copy*
Jakkal Dingo: noop, werewolf exclusive
LKG01A Duke: i allways wanted my wolfsune av to to it too :'(
Jakkal Dingo: well like I said, maybe in the future, but right now, just the werewolves.
chmarr Walcott: n me thought you loved me ~cries~
Jakkal Dingo: ha ha! I don't love anyone! >:D
chmarr Walcott: n that blowjob ment nothing ~stomps off n take the werewuffie plushie wif me~
Jakkal Dingo: ... yeah cuz I'm an asexual female
Second Life: chmarr Walcott has left this session.


Yes, I'm aware it was probably a joke. Does that offend me any less? No.

Just like I wouldn't want to walk into a chat room where people are pleasantly talking about clubbing seals, I DO NOT want to walk into a chat where people are talking about Sex. and I certainly don't want to walk into a chat where people make jokes about ME participating in this furry sexual orgy bullshit.

And next time, I'm not going to sit back and take it for the sake of FurNation. I'll end up being banned for what I have to say to those freaks.
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