May 11th, 2006


More Nintendo Blathering.

It should not surprise you all that I am a die hard, loyal Nintendo fan. If it does surprise you then... you don't know me very well. I got my first Nintendo when I was like, 9 or 10 years old. I have grown up with Nintendo. Nintendo's games were a major inspiration on me as a child all the way up to my .. adult childhood. As a creator myself, this is important, and I can definitely say, without a doubt, that Nintendo was my creative inspiration. You would not have BT without Nintendo. You would not have Kaerwyn without Nintendo. I would not have been drawing as much, if not for Nintendo. Yes that's true. I spent many years of my life drawing some of the monsters from the Nintendo games. Remember, when I was a kid, video games were 8bit blobs of little squares on the screen. I couldn't really see the enemies that well, so I drew them. And that started me on the road to artistry.

But anyway, back to the point. The E3 is going on right now, so I've been trying to stay on top of all the news about Nintendo, the DS, and the Wii. Yes, the Wii. Wii've all made fun of it so much that the jokes are old and anyone attempting to make jokes about it is so far behind that you'll only embarass yourself trying. I have been paying attention because I want to know what is up with that Wiimote... er Remote.

Well I watched the hour+ long Press Conference for Nintendo, and I am very much looking forward to getting the Wii. Why? Because I am Nintendo's target audience. I am an older, ex-gamer, that doesn't like the new, boring, games. Yeah the graphics are pretty. The games suck. Let's be honest here folks. Your games suck. Maybe it's because I'm older. Maybe it's because, to me, a game's story is better than a game's graphics. Maybe it's because I"m female. Maybe it's because I'm not rabidly addicted to games anymore. Or maybe it's just because the games of today have little or nothing to offer me. That includes the gamecubes, for those of you flaring your gills, ready to attack the person that just pissed on your console.

Tennis. I love tennis. I played Tennis in High school. Tennis video games - suck. Why the hell would anyone want to play Tennis on a video game? And they've tried, a lot. You hit a button, the ball goes flying to the other side, wait a few seconds, it comes back. Woo, exciting there.

Wii's Tennis: You... swing the controller to hit the ball. OMFG you have to actually do that yourself! That's awesome! That's so fucking awesome that I can't wait to get it! I hope it's on the wifi, cuz I'd love to play that multiplayer.

FPS's: Hate 'em. Never could play them. Always bothered me that I didn't have periphrial vision. Couldn't ever aim right or fast enough.

Wii's FPS's: You aim the remote... and you pull the trigger. Now I don't need to worry about moving some stupid swizzlestick around to get the perfect shot. I can do it like they do in RL, I AIM and SHOOT. Stay with me here folks, AIM the remote with your HAND, and SHOOT.

I might actually play Metroid 3 because of this.

And lo, they already have a game coming out called Red Steel that has, Dun dun dunnnnnn SWORD FIGHTING.

You know ,as a kid, I would have DIED for something like that. And now Nintendo is making it. Oh I can't wait.

And the one thing Nintendo has that makes all the difference in the world: Zelda. And it's coming out on the same fucking day the Wii is. *Stress* must find a way to afford both AND FIND BOTH. I'll have to go run to EB games or Best Buy and reserve a copy, stat.

And that's another thing, affordability. I'm sorry, but... Xbox360, PS3.. they're obviously marketing to children. Why do I say this? Simple. $500 for a fucking console?!? are you FUCKING INSANE?! What is WRONG with you people?! Only parents will buy them for their little kids because REAL world people aren't going to spend so much for a CONSOLE! I'd rather upgrade my machine! Holy fucking shit.

Wii? Projected price: $250. I can live with that.

Now here's a great article by Time Magazine on the Wii. Go read:,9171,1191861,00.html?cnn=yes

I love this exerpt:
Nintendo has grasped two important notions that have eluded its competitors. The first is, Don't listen to your customers. The hard-core gaming community is extremely vocal--they blog a lot--but if Nintendo kept listening to them, hard-core gamers would be the only audience it ever had. "[Wii] was unimaginable for them," Iwata says. "And because it was unimaginable, they could not say that they wanted it.

What do I think the future for this is, if it works? Imagine wrist and ankle bands that have the same technology as the remote. Yeah really, imagine it. The motion sensors and stuff like that. Now imagine DDR with it. Ooh that game just got a whole lot more involved.

Now imagine doing workouts on it. Imagine running virtual track meets with it. Yep. Can do that too.

Now imagine, learning Karate. Sure, it's not going to be the same thing as actually learning Karate. But it would be a great workout. You have to admit it.

But the possibility is there. That's what Nintendo is banking on. They inspire.

Now I seriously want to make a BT game for the Wii. BiiTiiWii. Actual sword swinging action.

Thank you Nintendo, reserve my place in line.
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