May 22nd, 2006


This week's To Do List

I'm quickly running out of time off. :(

#1. Two Kaerwyns (Tuesday and Thursday)
#2. Finish BT18 Cover
#3. Finish Gryphon and small cat Critters!
#4. Work on BT's WCN site (been neglecting this one)
#5. If time leftover, work on Drakkolupen full prim av.

This is in between some RP plots we have to do for Kaerwyn to fill in some plotholes in the road.

Okay so that guy on SL...

I replied to him. I think I came up with a decent, fair sounding, yet blunt reply to his freaking out (I'm sure he's pissed at me for waiting so long to reply, but he certainly did not want to hear what my initial reaction was.

So anyway, here's what I said:

There should be a copy of the tail in the original box that the avatar came in. Moving the tail isn't advised because of the wagging script in it (it requires specific initial rotation parameters to work correctly). This is assuming you're talking about one of my avatars, because if you paid $3000 for this avatar you're talking about, it's not one of mine.

Playing dumb, and being a bitch at the same time *nods*