May 26th, 2006


Rant of the Day.

Hooved animals are not digitigrade. Please stop calling them such. Digitigrade does not mean "The way animals walk". It also does not mean "Those bendy legs". Digitigrade means they walk on their digits, aka phalanges (distal and intermediate) and the ball of the foot.

Hooved animals are unguligrade, because they walk on the very, very tips of their digits.

Other corrections to common errors seen frequently:
Mustelids are plantigrade
Raccoons are Plantigrade
Bears are Plantigrade
All rodents and Rabbits are Plantigrade
Rabbits do not have pawpads!
Digitigrade does not mean they have an extra joint!
Digitigrade does NOT have a backwards Knee (A pox on AWIP for making people think stupid things like that)

And if I think of more, I'll post them.