May 30th, 2006



Today is Bobo's 17th birthday! I got him as my B'day present when I was 12 years old. He's a mini dachshund, and he's my baby.

Happy birthday my little boy :)


I would like to share with you all...

This lovely email I received yesterday. Yes. I must be giving myself a horrible reputation for showing things that should be private, thus making myself out to be untrustworthy. Whatever. The problem here goes back to my rant about how people really don't appreciate artists, act as if artists should be their slaves, etc etc. This email kind of touches on this behavior, though I think this person is more like a 12 year old ignorant kid than some 30 year old that's trying to weasel free pics out of you.

In other words, this is a public service announcement. Don't. Do. This.

i'm the only member on ur site and I wanted u to make me a picture. The picture I want is a picture of a Female Dalmatian dressed in black shorts and a white tank-top and the backround to be taken at a beach.
please reply when u get this.

P.S. i'm ok if u don't make the picture. but if u don't still please reply and say u aren't. Also, there is a girl who's name is Sammy and she has a website. my friends at won't tell me what the link name is. if u know it, plz tell me

Demanding little cunt isn't she? Now I'm trying to think of a response that will be humorous for us to read when she replies to it. I'm either going to draw her picture with stick figures, crayons, and make it look like a 5 year old drew it, or I'm going to say "That'll be $500, please." (Or something to that effect). Or I could draw the stick figure, and then demand $500 from her for the 'effort' I put into it. mmmmm decisions decisions.

ANd about the "Sammy" part, I'm tempted to say: "Google has 31,300,000 results for 'Sammy', you better get crackin'!"