June 17th, 2006



I swear to god that my hosting company always knows when I finish a picture, and they make SURE to make my site go down whenever I post it for viewage.

I've had to send them so many problem tickets in the last month, it's not even funny. And now this. I swear they're trying to get rid of me. I'm probably their only customer that uses and abuses the no space/bandwidth limits they originally gave us (That they no longer offer, but we are guaranteed to get).

Of course unlimited space and bandwidth mean nothing if the SITE IS CONSTANTLY DOWN.

Of course it could just be me too. I haven't been able to get DeviantArt all day while others say it's up fine.

Whatever it is. It's really fucking annoying that it only seems to happen when I'm trying to show a pic. No, posting the pic doesn't do it.