July 1st, 2006


Got a live one tonight.

Okay so, usually I blurt out the name of the person involved, but actions the asshole did is leading me to give out his name.

[21:02] Jacob Andalso: hi

Normally I don't respond to "Hi". But he just bought a dragon and I thought maybe he needed some kind of help or I should at least respond. What a mistake.

[21:06] Jakkal Dingo: hi
[21:06] Jacob Andalso: i just bought your Dragoon Avater :)


[21:08] Jakkal Dingo: cool, hope you like it.
[21:08] Jacob Andalso: i couldnt decied
[21:08] Jacob Andalso: which one to get
[21:09] Jacob Andalso: but I got the DrakkoMareen
[21:10] Jakkal Dingo: cool
[21:10] Jacob Andalso: you are lucky!
[21:11] Jacob Andalso: you have all of them
[21:11] Jakkal Dingo: hehe yeah, but boy are they a pain to build
[21:11] Jacob Andalso: I beleve you!
[21:12] Jacob Andalso: why is my firebreath Ice?
[21:13] Jakkal Dingo: it's water, Drakkomareen is a water dragon


[21:13] Jacob Andalso: oh
[21:13] Jacob Andalso: oops
[21:13] Jacob Andalso: :(

Wait for it...

[21:15] Jacob Andalso: i bought the wrong one
[21:16] Jacob Andalso: damn it
[21:17] Jacob Andalso: i should have bought the DrakkoInfernis

The gears, they start turning...

[21:17] Jacob Andalso: hmmmn

Here comes the bomb!

[21:18] Jacob Andalso: can i get a Refund if I Promise to Permantly Delete the Dragon Avatar I have?

Dude obviously didn't read the GIANT FUCKING sign in my shop that says CAVEAT EMPTOR, that explains IN DETAIL that we DO NOT give refunds for wrong avatars.

[21:18] Jacob Andalso: and do
[21:19] Jacob Andalso: :(

So I dropped him a copy of The WereHouse Policy that states the same thing the sign says. Your mistake, we don't fix your mistakes.

[21:22] Jacob Andalso: thats bs

Okay I was going to offer to change the fire on the avatar since that's the only problem you have with it. But fuck off, dickface.

[21:22] Jacob Andalso: I spent about 10000L on you
[21:22] Jacob Andalso: more than that even

$9000L according to my tally *nods* Since February. That's oh, $30USD. People spend way more on other MMOs.

[21:22] Jakkal Dingo: I'm sorry Sir. The payment for the dragons is split between several people who helped work on them.

Fact. So he wants me to pay him off completely and then beg the other people to give me my split for paying this fuckhead back? No. That's why we have this policy of BE CAREFUL.

[21:23] Jakkal Dingo: There are warning signs in every store telling people to be SURE they are buying the correct avatar.
[21:23] Jacob Andalso: i was
[21:23] Jakkal Dingo: There is a website for better viewing of said avatars to make sure you are getting the one you want.
[21:23] Jacob Andalso: my friend told me you can change the fire
[21:23] Jacob Andalso: hes a liar

No, he's not a liar, but I don't reward assholes.

[21:24] Jakkal Dingo: And you're an asshole. Sounds like a good couple.
[21:24] Jacob Andalso: !!!!

You could see him turning red through the text. Amazing.

[21:24] Jakkal Dingo: I would have had you not made a mistake and called our policies "BS" over $6 worth of avatar
[21:24] Jacob Andalso: FUUUCK OFF JACKASS

Struck a nerve.

[21:24] Jakkal Dingo: Have a nice day.
[21:24] Jacob Andalso: fucker
[21:25] Jacob Andalso: im never buying anything from you, and im telling everyone i know not to buy your shit
[21:25] Jakkal Dingo: Please do.
[21:25] Jacob Andalso: so you HAVE A NICE DAY GAY FUCK
[21:26] Jakkal Dingo: That's asexual female. *nods*.

But that wasn't enough!

[21:33] InnocentBystander: Had an interesting encounter at your store, some hooman named Jacob Andalso just told me to not buy from you as you are a jackass and dissing him for asking for a refund... WTH? Want to ban the moron?
[21:33] Jakkal Dingo: yep, thanks I'll br right down.

So I gave that person a gift card for telling me about the putz. Oh and I banned him.

Selkit: If you read this, mind banning him from my property in Furnation as well? He'll prolly go there next if he's smart enough to find it.
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Cute OD

I must remember that when looking for a dachshund puppy, you will quickly OD on sheer cuteness.


I think I've decided on what I'm going to look for when I get a puppy. I want a cream colored long hair dachshund. They are absolutely adorable, and I've completely fallen in love with them from their pics. Though I'm not too sure on the longhair yet. They require the extra bit of work that I always hate doing (Ripping out those inevitable tangles).

I think deep down I want the cream color cuz it's unlike Bobo (Black and Tan) or Steffi (red). As I said, I don't want a replacement, there is no such thing. And I Really don't like the idea of getting a dachshund that looks like either of them. I don't like the way the piebald, dapple and some of the other dachshund colors look. But the cream is just gorgeous.


We just spent the past coupla hours blowing shit up. Our neighbors were blowing shit up too, like surrounding us. It was awesome. So we didn't have to worry about a neighbor complaining.

Anyway, I found a doxie puppy. He's near where we go camping for the NC Howl, which is kinda cool. I sent them an email asking about the pup, he's about 10 weeks old I Think.

But anyway, here's his pic.