July 14th, 2006


Welcome to another edition of "Don't Do This."

I really need my own radio show, I really do. But anyway, tonight's contestant, someone who is irate about our update policy!

Oh noes, not a policy!

Anyway, let's just go with it:

It aaallllll started when:

Mr Jerkface: Hey Jakkal, I read your wolf AV's have been undergoing some huge changes, I have a very old wolf AV and was curious of whether or not I would be able to claim for an updated version? I look forward to hearing your reply.

So then I proceed to check my records. I find .. nothing. I sigh in frustration because I've had to deal with this asshole in the past. He demanded I give him a quad wolf avatar (This was a year before the Critters! came out, back when the back legs didn't move or anything). He also claimed to be a therianthrope because he liked wolves and hated people. Sure.

Jakkal: Yeah we've updated them, unfortunately I can't give out updates for avatars bought before Oct 2005, cuz I didn't keep records back then. So If I don't have a record of the sale I can't give out the updates.

Mr Jerkface: I belive it may of been after that date

Here we go. I check the records again, just incase. Nope. This is going to be a long night.

Jakkal: I checked the records and couldn't find anything.

Mr Jerkface: Well here's one question, how could I be lying since its easy to tell that the AV is yours?

Jakkal: I never said you were lying, I simply said our policy, which we hold to everyone, is that we don't give out the updates for anyone that bought an avatar before our record keeping. In addition, I gave out several free avatars to people, and we had a problem for a long time whereas our boxes would unpack the avatars into *anyones* directory, doesn't matter who bought. So we have made the policy of no-record, no update.

You know, maybe if he was, say, nice, I would have helped him. Such as, "Oh, damn, I Really wanted it, could you just help me out this once please?" or something, you know? Instead he puts words in my mouth as if I were stating he was lying.

Mr Jerkface: Well I can assure you I never recieved any free avatar from you and quite personally I think you should of kept better track of those free onese you gave out since you own an avatar business. Anyways, I guess I have no choice but to respect your wishes. Although I personally think I have a right to appeal against that since I 100% payed and can prove that its your AV, even by just giving it back to you since its transferable
Personally I think we all should have the right to at least trade in our old for a new but thats my view
"Hi, and thanks for buying one of my wolf avatars. These are my first attempt at avatar creation here on SL, so I hope they turn out okay, and I hope you like them." quoted from your very notecard that came with it, I think thats proof enough really

I'm an artist, not a business person. How was I s'posta know that people would go apeshit about an avatar worth ONE FUCKING DOLLAR. Yeah, he's right, I should have had better records. Maybe I should use his logic and blame the poor scripters that made the vendor I was using. THEY should have included records! It's ALL THEIR FAULT and they had POOR communication for not telling me! Right. It's a FUCKING DOLLAR. I should just give him his $400L back to make him shut up.When he said it was transferable, I knew it was the very first avatars we made, back in like April of 05. So now he's a liar t'boot.

As for rights, I think I have the right to not be hassled by assholes.

Jakkal: I never doubted you had the avatar. However you're breaking three of our conditions in our update policy. #1. It had to be bought after Oct 2005. #2. It has to be the most up to date version before the update release #3. It must be the same permissions (mod only) for the wolf. I'm sorry if you don't like our policies.

[20:49] Mr Jerkface: #1 Was never informed of this policy, I call that lack of communication between costumer and store owner #2 If you had of kept me upto date I would have been, again, lack of communication. #3 You have taken both mod and non mod wolfs out of your vendor, I assumed that ment that BOTH AV's had been altered and put under the same contract

Jakkal: We have the Realmscapes group for all avatar update and release information. In addition the policy is in the avatar update machines located in our main store in Bruin. You can read the policy there.

Does he really expect me to track down everyone that bought avatars from me so I can tell them, in personal IM, that we're changing our policies? That we have update groups for information? That we have a website and forums with the same information? Yeah, there was a failure to communicate. It wasn't on MY end.

And we ALL know what they say about Assumption.

Mr Jerkface: Well this policy wasn't even in existent when I first brought the AV, nore was they're any clearity about any group nore was I ever informed thata one existed


I haven't bothered writing him back at that point. His avatar was worth a fucking dollar. I don't really CARE that he can't keep up with all we're doing and such. He's just wanting to go from crappy first version, to uber awesome version for free. Uhm. No.

I'm really getting sick of people trying to swindle me on SL. Yeah, there's money involved, that's why we started record keeping, and policy making. So sorry if he doesn't keep up with us as we try to keep up with the times.

Just how I wanted to start my birthday.

You can tell it's my birthday.

Only one hour into it and already two assholes on SL to deal with. Boy. Look when I Tell you people my B'day is cursed, I expect you to believe me!

Here goes.

So, someone is, I think, legitmately having a problem with one of our gift card systems. Just like in RL, you can get gift cards, put money on them, and buy avs with them in our stores. Well we've had them up since November and haven't had problems with them, though we're sure they might arise. Tonight someone claimed that the script in the card "jumped out" when she crashed. She gave the script to Kayla (my scripter) and the card to me. That was enough for me to believe that, yeah, something might have happened and she deserved the card back. So I gave her another one. Even if it was a scam, she'd only get away with it once, and it's only $1000L (About $3 USD) NBD.

So this OTHER guy pops in, buys a gift card, and then IMMEDIATELY puts it on the ground and edits the card. Then HE claims that HIS card has no script in it. Kayla informs me of this potential scam going on, and I join SL.

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I got several pics for my birfday this year, which seems much cooler than normal gifts. I know they can't really be used, and I'm more of a practical sort, but I know how much work and effort had to be put into these pics, and that's what makes 'em super special.

So I thought I'd give these guys a pimping:

windseeker03 seems to have this thing about painting drakkolupen. Nothing wrong with that! Although I probably shouldn't tell her that I'm terrified of T-storms hehehe. But it's very beautiful painting. I swear Windy, one day I will repay the favor. http://www.deviantart.com/view/36266796/

turnsky, the guy that draws The Foxfire Chronicals made this one for me. http://www.deviantart.com/view/36281986/ . Naturally Link would never see it coming, though in truth, there would be able a million fangirls trying to attack him *nods*

northwolf is going to force me to subscribe to LJ by giving me this awesome new icon to use. http://www.moonwolfstudio.com/lj_jakkal.jpg

You guys are teh awesome.