September 3rd, 2006


It's been a nice change...

I haven't had to post anything annoying or stupid from SL in a long time. Now this one is not annoying, I don't think it's someone trying to rip me off. I wouldn't call it stupid, more likely "Silly", but either way I think it's funny enough to post to the world. I figure it's someone that probably doesn't know I sell avatars to the public. At least I'm in a more optimistic mood so that's what I figure. If I were in my normal cranky bitch mood, I'd say he's trying to get a free av. It just doesn't seem like that to me.

Either way I got this PM yesterday:

[17:01] NameRemoved: please, i beg of you,can i have the bear costume,ill do anything.if you respond my name is: NameRemoved

His account was born in late July, so he's not really a newbie, but he might not have ever heard of me. I pretty much just replied to him with "We sell these avatars in our stores, just look up the WereHouse in the Search -> Places and you can get it from one of our vendors."

I mean if he's willing to do anything, he'll just pay like everyone else, right?