December 5th, 2006


Full Moon Madness

After some minor problems in Kaerwyn's RP this weekend, with a werewolf character, someone accused me of not liking the character "because of the type of werewolf it is."

Well, that got me to thinking, and my conclusion? All almost every werewolf PC (Playing Character) is a Mary Sue Werewolf. Now think about it. When we think "Werewolf" we think big, bloodthirsty beasty, loses control of mind and body on the full moon. Right? Naturally some people will want to play characters that don't have the mental affects of the werewolf. They're still Mary Sues, but whatever.

Almost every single one of them is like this, and we have a /lot/ of werewolf PCs. We've had /very few/ werewolf characters that actually lived up to what we consider "werewolves". As opposed to shifting into an anthro wolf form, mind you. We have a lot of characters like that too.

While I realise many of you might be thinking "Well it's a matter of semantics, Lorelei is a "werefox"." I know, I know, but I'm not talking about these characters. I'm talking about characters who were bitten or infected by a werewolf, and then aren't like that werewolf. Or those werewolves are pussy werewolves that give them a bodily curse but the mind part is so weak that a character doesn't even notice. Infact it's so bad that they 'use' the 'werewolf mentality' so that the character knows how to talk, walk, use the body, etc, but gets absolutely no disadvantages from being a werewolf.

I call this "Half Vampire Syndrome." Why? Because classically Half Vampires are the ones that get all the vampire benefits, all the human benefits, but none of the disadvantages of either. In other words, they're twinks.

These Mary Sue werewolves are similar, they get all the advantages of a werewolf, no disadvantages (save unwanted change, except when you become uber and badass, we don't consider that a disadvantage). They aren't like normal werewolves should be, they're "special werewolves". We even have "werewolves" that are "Werewolf" in title only, they don't even shift (Though they used to be human). They're anthro wolves, even if they aren't the typical build of an anthro wolf.

This has me sorely tempted to try to make a PC werewolf that is the embodiment of what one expects when they see "werewolf."
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