December 11th, 2006


Too many games!

I started playing the Sims2 again last week cuz they added werewolves to it (Finally) and that rekindled my interest in the series. And as you all well know I've got LoZ: Twilight Princess, so I've been playing that on the weekends. I had a dream last night that was totally a combination of those, and the Kaerwyn RP.

It was me, as Lore, on Kaerwyn, on horseback. I had to help escort a convoy through the Kaerwyn wilderness (That's the Twilight Princess element). We were being shot at, yes with guns, by bandits on the way. And then when we finally got past that, and the sun set, we had to worry about the werewolves. The werewolves from the Sims2 showed up, the wolves with the glowy green/yellow eyes.

That's about all I really remember of it, but it was a cool dream nevertheless =D.