December 14th, 2006


It's a SIGN!

Wow, you know how people see Jesus in muffins and the Virgin Mary in overpass grime and grilled cheese sandwiches?! Well it's finally happened to me!

I thought about selling this, rare, precious thing on Ebay. But then I realized it was too good to let go. I, hoping my heart was in balance, devoured it!

What is this thing I speak of?! You'll hafta Collapse )


On the twelfth day of Christmas, jakkal sent to me...
Twelve blacktapestries drumming
Eleven nikonraccoons piping
Ten thrashwolfs a-leaping
Nine semimajors dancing
Eight convertibles a-milking
Seven werefoxes a-swimming
Six pontiacs a-roleplaying
Five we-e-e-ebcomics
Four werewolves
Three oldsmobiles
Two black tapestries
...and a buick in a therianthropy.
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A buick in a therianthropy? Imma werecar!

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