December 16th, 2006



I get the weirdest PMs...

[15:41] NameRemoved: (Saved Sat Dec 16 17:42:21 2006) please Jakkal, im sorry
[15:41] NameRemoved: (Saved Sat Dec 16 17:42:34 2006) please come back and be my friend!
[15:41] NameRemoved: (Saved Sat Dec 16 17:42:41 2006) i miss you :(

So I see this, and I have no idea who the fuck this is. I check my notes for him, cuz you know, I actually use them. He was someone that bought an av, didn't like it, wanted to return it to get another. We can't do that of course, so he started bitching a fit at us.

Infact I saved the convo. This must have been several months ago at least.

[21:24] NameRemoved: FUUUCK OFF JACKASS
[21:24] Jakkal Dingo: Have a nice day.
[21:24] NameRemoved: fucker
[21:25] NameRemoved: im never buying anything from you, and im telling everyone i know not to buy your shit
[21:25] Jakkal Dingo: Please do.
[21:25] NameRemoved: so you HAVE A NICE DAY GAY FUCK
[21:26] Jakkal Dingo: That's asexual female. *nods*.

Miss me? He misses me? He'd only talked to me once, ever, and that was to yell at us. Perhaps I should reply with "FUUUCK OFF JACKASS".