May 7th, 2007


Another Edition of Don't Do this.

So Bow has to ban this bitch from the island because, well I dunno. That's Bow's thing. He can do whatever.

Naturally because she's bought avatars from me, she's gotta take it up with me, even though I wasn't even THERE.

So now she makes it in the LJ. Welcome to Drama Central, cunt.

[16:49] Snar Ling: Add asshole to your profile while you're at it. Only an asshole would have Werewolf Dingo for a partner.

Because starting out by insulting someone is always the best way to get them to work with you

[16:49] Jakkal Dingo: Thank you, Drama Llama. I will keep that in mind.
[16:49] Snar Ling: Please do, because it's so fitting
[16:50] Jakkal Dingo: You're welcome.
[16:50] Snar Ling: You want to money, but not the service. Leech
[16:51] Jakkal Dingo: Want to rephrase that in English?
[16:51] Snar Ling: Booting me off the sim for standing there.
[16:51] Snar Ling: Because, well,
[16:51] Jakkal Dingo: Werewolf Dingo booted you. Take it up with him.
[16:51] Snar Ling: Werewolf is a prick
[16:52] Jakkal Dingo: Bringing it to me does nothing.
[16:52] Snar Ling: Take up what, standing there, doing nothing...
[16:52] Snar Ling: What?
[16:52] Snar Ling: I haven't spent enough money with you
[16:52] Jakkal Dingo: Yes, talk to him. Not me. Bringing it to me is just dragging drama I'm not interested in. I'm not even near him right now.
[16:53] Jakkal Dingo: Yes, you bought avatars. I thank you for it. You paid money for those avatars, not for my lawyer services.
[16:55] Snar Ling: Remind me to ban you from my sims then.
[16:55] Jakkal Dingo: It's your right. Asshole.
[16:55] Snar Ling: Fucking idiot
[16:55] Jakkal Dingo: If you want people to work with you, try not insulting them. Just a hint.
[16:56] Jakkal Dingo: Now are you done? I'm terribly busy working on avatars for people to buy and then try to strongarm me into their will and submission for more insulting commentary.

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