January 18th, 2008


What a way to start the day.

So Bow woke me up from my medication induced coma, and he told me that my bank's card monitoring service called and left a message for me to call them back. Bow said it sounds like someone got into my account again. This happened in the Dec of 2003 or 2004. Someone got my card number and stole $600 (That's all I had in there thankfully). But thankfully my bank kicked into gear and got me all my money back. Of course it took a lot of phonecalls, contacting the companies where the card was used, and filling out forms to get it back.

So I steeled myself up for Round Two of Debt Card Blues and called the monitoring service back. After verifying my identity, the lady on the line told me, "We have a few transactions here from something called ... " *Dramatic pause*

Literally, there was a dramatic pause. If I were there in person, I'd be reaching over the desk to either choke her to squeal the information, or look on the computer screen myself.

So I'm listening on the other end of the line and waiting for the mispronunciation of some foriegn website (That's where most of this shit happens yanno).... And then she finally speaks....

"Second Life."

I think I actually snickered. I know I told her, "Oh, yeah. That was me, that's legit." And she was like, "Yes a charge for secondlife for $15.00. Is that yours?"

And I was thinking, "$15? They went apeshit over $15? Well, that's pretty cool that they'd go after the little things too." So I reaffirmed it was me, and all is good.

Then I got to thinking...

I've been paying SecondLife land fees since March of 2005. I've been paying island tier fees since October of 2006. (That's $195/month).

What the hell took them so long?

Better than nothing I suppose. Which is what they did when my Card was hijacked for real.
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