May 28th, 2008


Don't Do This: Mall Admin Edition

Okay so, there is some drama going on with the FurNation World's Mall, which suddenly became the Drakeal Mall. Power play? You bet. This is /very long./

Here's the Drama that went in the form of /Admin Notices/ to everyone in the Vendor Group. Unless you really care about watching Admins bitch towards each other (As opposed to directly at each other) you should

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Now for my personal involvement.
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You know, I don't give a /damn/ about what their issues were. I shouldn't need to know about the internal problems. I rent, I should get what I pay for. That's generally the way it works. I expect slip ups and issues to happen. We're all human (Despite them being furries) and we make mistakes. FurNation and Corsi did a wonderful job of rectifying the issues by offering free space for mall vendors. Even if they couldn't help us get what we lost, they helped us continue on. That means a lot.

Ethen and the Drakeal group have done nothing but sling insults and accusations at others, give empty, hollow apologies, and not offered compensation directly to those affected. This is not acceptable behavior. I told Fore that if they tried to get my money back, I would put it right back into their mall and keep my space, and see how well their mall does from that point. But if they aren't going to offer *anything*, Return my shit without waiting for a response, and then pass the buck, then fuck them. I'm not paying a *dime* into that mall, and I doubt it will last long with such *shady*, immature administration.

I don't expect them to act with business like conduct, but I do expect *some* decency, respect and maturity.


Edit! Ethen Pow finally wrote me back.

Suffice to say that he was *very* pissed off that this other person returned my crap. He offered me the full $6k back, and he apologized profusely. And that is /all/ I was asking for. While I still think that he handled this whole situation /very poorly/, what the admin does is their business. I don't want any part of it. I just want to make sure when I pay my rent, I get my spot.

But he is letting me keep my 2 weeks that I had left, AND he gave me a better spot (One that I wanted originally). So all in all, I didn't lose out and I got a good spot out of it. We'll see if business keeps up in this new sim if it's *worth* the $1500 a week I pay for it.

The Grind...

I think shadowsmyst said it best when she IMed me today: "I find it amusing how you try to do something fun for a small group and ultimately, inevitably it gets blown up into this massive thing."

That /does/ seem to be my curse, yes.

If anyone is wondering what's going on, artgrind got a LJ spotlight, like right there on their main page. Worst of all they called it a "Contest" which probably makes people think "prizes", but there is no prize (Other than that self satisfaction stuff :P).

But we're looking into clamping down on the moderation of the group so only people taking up the challenge, and authorized, can post to it. That should help. I see we've already gotten the lion's share of people not reading, or not understanding the rules. SM is going to clarify that as well.

Oy. I hope we don't lose anyone that signed up pre-spotlight over this.

BTW, does anyone know how to set up a post that always stays on the main page of a LJ Community? I've seen people do this on their personal LJ's, but I'm not sure if a community can do it. Any help here? I'd like to have a post that's always up with the rules and join info.