June 19th, 2008


Don't do this: You can tell school is out for the summer

It's always when the idiot children come out of the woodwork.

So this idiot leaves a comment on my drifterlorelei Journal. I recognized his name as being someone we banned from Kaerwyn. So I wasn't concerned about flaming the troll.

"Subject: Old times...?
from:newblood1 Im sorry but i have givin up on BT and any other comic you have made... I dont see anything happening BT is a waste of internet space, i have been with BT since it started. Bt is a waste of my time comeing to the web page to be awarded the same comic page 4 MONTHS AGO!"

It's always funny when, I don't know, what I do or don't do impacts someone's life as to be a "waste of their time". I wonder if anyone gives a shit that he's given up on BT? Somehow I doubt it. I think his post is more of a waste of space than BT is. I'd say that his time was wasted more by typing that post than by knowing BT is still up on the intarwebs.

Okay, so I start posting away at my reply cuz everyone loves it when I get this email...

The following message was sent to you via the The Realm of Kaerwyn Contact Us form by newblood


I have been banned for acting immature for 2 years, i feel i have grown up and i wish to be unbanned, i am now 16 years of age and i will not cause trouble again with any administrator. I am sending this message to you in apology for what i have done wrong, back then i was immature and i had small anger issues, but i will not do those things again. I promise to aphold all the rules forever.

Banned by Chat purposes,
and a mistake never to be done again!


He flames... then he posts that he's grown up... and he'll never make that mistake again... ... and he wants /me/ to unban him... wtf?

Really, would we find the internet so entertaining if people weren't this stupid?