August 4th, 2009


Dear Blizzard Entertainment...

Your support is ass.* I would think for reeling in shittons of money, you could hire competent people that are well above the average age of your players. (Or at least maturity).

Please note: I do not play any Blizzard games. Oh hey, maybe this is why the support is ass.

So why do I need their support staff's help? Some jackass kid tried to merge his WoW account with something called a Battle.Net account and he used MY EMAIL ADDRESS to do it. Yay. WoW spam. THat's really what I want to see in my inbox. So I went to their support site LIKE THEY SUGGESTED*, and sent them an email letting them know that I do not want my email addy in their database at all.

So what's the reply I get?

This is Matt from the Billing and Account Services department here at Blizzard  Entertainment. I've had some time to review the issues you have encountered and I may have some suggestions for you. If after you read the entire message you still require assistance in this matter,  or if you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by replying directly to this email.

Account security is a paramount concern at Blizzard Entertainment. As such we require extensive verification in order to disassociate a World of Warcraft Account from a Account.

For your security, after we disassociate a World of Warcraft account, we recommend associating (or "merging") with a account registered to the individual who originally created the World of Warcraft account. If you have not already created a account, please follow the steps below:

a.) Go to the following website:
b.) Click the "Sign up now!" link.
c.) Complete the account-creation process, being sure to follow the instructions carefully and enter accurate information.

In order to remove the World of Warcraft account we require the following:

- A legible photocopy of the identification of the registered account user. Only a government issued photo ID or Birth Certificate will be accepted for the registered user. (School IDs are *not* accepted.)
-  A copy of the TOU form ( completed by the registered account user. Be sure to use the same email address as your Account, so that we may merge the World of Warcraft account to the correct account. When filling out the TOU form, you may additionally circle "Secret Question Retrieval" and we will provide you with the Secret Question Answer that was chosen upon the account's creation.

Please email these materials as an attachment to our Billing and Account Services department at This file must be under 5 MB and be in the jpg, gif, or bmp format. For ease of processing, please use the account login name as the subject line.


In retrospect, what have I learned from this? I should have validated the account that someone signed up with my address, logged in as them, and did whatever in their account to get them permanently banned for life.

*Their support site doesn't even work in Firefox. (You'd think for reeling in shittons of money they could make it work)