October 26th, 2009



I finally reached top-level 55 in Vanguard on my main. This is something Bow and I have been struggling with for months. That is one hardass grind. But now it's worth it, I don't have to worry about losing XP to dying in raids, and I can work on the impossible stuff like the gryphon mount quests. I love this game man, but I never want to do that again. 19 hours grinding Saturday and 15 hours grinding Sunday (During Double XP weekend) netted us 3 levels in as many days. And on VG *THAT* is significantly amazing.

And BTW if anyone would like to try Vanguard, they have a Free Trial. I find Trial Island lots of fun. I'm on the Seradon server. Just drop me a line if you want some help through it, I can make some alts and run people through the ropes.