November 5th, 2009


Another one of THOSE posts... Computer Stuff

I know I've posted about this a bunch of times, my secondary machine is 6 years old now, some of the parts are 10 years old (The hard drive too). It's BSODing about once a day if I use firefox on it a lot, so I try to avoid websurfing on it. But really, it could use an upgrade. Originally I just wanted to put some cheap stuff in it, just to keep it running. But now, really, I'd like to put Windows 7 Pro on it and make it my main work machine. That way I have two machines that I can test and compare my work on, this would be quite helpful for my job. Plus, because it's for work and I'm self employed, it's a tax writeoff.

But... I need advice on what to put in it. I've been looking at processors and mobos and everything else and it's just boggling to me about all the stats and stuff. Remember I do graphics works, this is 2d and 3d work. I need something that can handle a motherlode of abuse.

Just keep in mind I have two requirements: nVidia and AMD (Mostly because I just bought BFG-295 graphics cards which will go into the new machine :P)

Parts I will need: Power supply, Hard Drives, Fans/heatsink, Processor, Motherboard and RAM (I think that's all. All the rest will be covered by stuff we already have).

So lemme know what you guys think would be the best bang for the buck. I'll be shopping on Newegg for the parts, so links on their site would be really helpful!
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