November 20th, 2009



I hear all the time about how WoW is full of little kids, which I noticed myself when I tried it. It was also one of the reasons I stopped playing it. I get enough immaturity on SL, I don't need it in a game too.

Well, I recently discovered that I'm one of the youngest people in my guild on Vanguard. And I'm about 15-20 years younger than most of the people in my regular daily group. Talk about putting things in perspective. I'm the annoying kid to them!

And of course, one of them hilariously said yesterday (not a direct quote since I don't have chat logs), "lol, jakkal, you were 4 years old when I was getting high for college graduation."


And of course, people don't ever leave VG early because their parents are making them go to bed, or they get grounded. No, they get spouse aggro, or their kids are over to visit.

This is why I love VG. Old people ftw.
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