February 16th, 2011



Trakker got his stitches taken out yesterday, and the vet said everything looks great. He's already walking on it somewhat, though he does have a limp if he tries to move faster than a walk. It'll take him about three months before he'll be okay to go into the yard without a leash. Everything is looking up for him.

Now my challenge, you guys beat the goal. So.. I know I promised I'd start BT by June but... I'm a sentimental person, and I'm going to restart BT in July, but I'm going to make sure I draw out the first issue by June. I'm starting it in July because BT first started July 11, 2002. So I want to restart it on July 11, 2011. 7/11/11 sounds like a good date to me.

So,this should be interesting!
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